Uncommon experience. Unparalleled performance. 


Efficient Guide ensures your story is well-told to potential new clients. We can optimize your marketing practice, and can help you evolve business strategies, operations, and account management practices to make transformative use of technology.

Efficient Guide helps teams drive dramatic increases in new business - not only for current and/or typical clients, but also in new markets for which offerings are truly innovative.

Efficient Guide has built and led effective teams of marketers and planners and empowered clients to use data-driven insights to understand and delight their customers.

We have helped lead successful sales pitches to F100s and managed sales enablement, strategic client engagements, and the B2B marketing practice for multiple firms. 

Efficient Guide has helped F500 clients like Best Buy and Coca-Cola personalize and pivot their marketing to adopt personalized digital approaches.

Efficient Guide has helped build new practice areas at agencies, working with Fortune 500 clients such as Microsoft, Dell and 3M to employ social, mobile, and other emerging media to accomplish their goals.

Efficient Guide has also served as a business consultant at one of retail's most respected brands, developing and managing an Agile system to manage the company’s multi million-dollar marketing technology portfolio and helping to build and empower collocated and virtual technology teams.