Agile Business Planning

Marketing Technology Demand Management System (DMS)

Efficient Guide designed, built and implemented an Agile marketing technology “Demand Management System” to help a Fortune 50 retailer's Technology Services division better serve the company's Property Development, Product Design and Development, and .com groups.

The system’s purpose was to provide an objective, transparent process by which up to $25 million in annual technology investments could be managed. Throughout this initiative, sound change management and leadership drove the successful adoption of the new system across a stakeholder population of thousands of employees.

Built on Agile Scrum principles, the system collected proposed project information from business users through a custom SharePoint portal and routed each proposed project to the right technology team for cost and risk assessment. Once these inputs were gathered, all projects were ordered and refined using input from both the technology and business leadership teams. Finally, a smaller team responsible for funding would use all inputs to finalize investment plans for each fiscal year, specifying which projects were to be executed, which would be considered high priority for the next cycle, and which would be given a "thoughtful no" response, with encouragement to re-apply in the next cycle.  

Once the prototype was launched, as product owner, we listened to what stakeholders wanted, but also leveraged other forms of outreach to discover latent needs they hadn't expressed.

Were we successful?
Less than 6 months after launch, the system was recognized company-wide as the best practice for technology demand management.

Chris was ahead of the curve in understanding of needs and delivering tools and process to support his team and business partners. He rapidly developed a strong Demand Management system that is still in use today.
— Matt Hughes, Innovation Leader, IT Strategy and Innovation, Emerging Technology (Office of CIO)