Technology-Driven Transformation

Business Strategy

Artistic Finishes (AFI) desired to become the largest player in the pre-finished hardwood accessories sector within five to eight years. Key to this objective was the consideration and implementation of new business opportunities and emerging technology solutions.

Working with Efficient Guide, AFI determined the best way to determine a path forward was to conduct a Roundtable session in which leadership could be brought together with industry SMEs, share a common set of goals and informational inputs, and collaboratively explore solutions. 

Efficient Guide researched and developed a preparation brief on AFI's challenges and key industry facts and trends, managed the process of soliciting and bringing together parties with different perspectives on the hardwood flooring industry, e-commerce and technology to brainstorm strategies to grow AFI’s molding business through technological solutions. Efficient Guide developed the Roundtable format and agenda, and served as moderator for the 2-day strategy session. Efficient Guide captured and synthesized findings and delivered a concise, comprehensive report to AFI leadership. 

Were we successful? 
Read about AFI's subsequent business success here.

Chris was engaged to help with a high-level strategic initiative for which we needed someone with a wide breadth of knowledge related to e-commerce, as well as strong project management skills. Chris brought this and much more to the table. He helped scope out our strategic planning objectives, managed the meeting session and provided an astute summary of our findings to guide our e-business efforts going forward. His e-com perspective was a huge contribution and he was integral to making our long-range planning effort successful.

Chris was extremely professional yet very approachable, and he “got it” very quickly when learning the complex challenges that our company faces as we redefine our business strategy. I couldn’t recommend Chris more highly, as he brings significant value and is worth every penny!
— Trina Patrick, Artistic Finishes, Inc.